Trendy Tashas from Famous Brands is going global with its first international restaurant having opened up in Dubai recently. Specialist hospitality interior design agency, Design Partnership, was responsible for the new addition to the group’s portfolio and Tashas Dubai got the five-star treatment, with an added glam element for the international clientele while preserving brand authenticity. To read the article online click here.

The above articles have been run in local newspapers recently. Please have a read about how design has the potential to entice one into a store, as implemented in Tashas, Dubai....

OTHERWISE is a womans show on South African radio station SAFM hosted by Shado Twala. In this interview Shado talks to Callie about shopping centres in South Africa and Design Partnership's approach to design. ...

The phrase ‘time is money’ seems to have originally been coined by Benjamin Franklin in the 1700’s as advice first given in a letter to a young tradesman. “As you have desired it of me, I write the following hints, which have been of service to me, and may, if observed, be so to you. Remember that TIME is money. He that can earn ten shillings a day by his labour and goes abroad, or sits idle one half of that day, tho’ he spends but sixpence during his diversion or idleness, ought not to reckon that the only expense, he has really spent or rather thrown away five shillings besides.” By Callie van der Merwe, CEO Design Partnership.
With the world still suffering from the economic hangover of 2008, economists across the globe are predicting imminent hyperinflation. With too much newly printed money in circulation and our economic growth stunted and tethering on the verge of another recession, retailers in South Africa are certainly under immense pressure to deliver on annual targets and growth. To read Callie van der Merwe's article online, click here.
Design Partnership has a new weapon in its specialist retail skills arsenal, with the appointment of seasoned retailer Issy Zimmerman. An enormously successful merchant, with outstanding business acumen, Zimmerman brings with him  more than 20 years’ business management experience.  Heading up the agency’s newly formed procurement division, Zimmerman’s decades at the forefront of South Africa’s retail sector  with  the Reggies and ToysRus® Group, will be an asset to the agency. To read the article online, click here.
I was asked to write an article on how architecture and interior design influence one another. Now, it is no secret that the intersection of these professions and academic disciplines has always been fraught by seemingly irreconcilable points of view and, to this end, instead of basing this on fact, I decided to base it on opinions. By Callie van der Merwe. To view the article online, click here.
Colour has a profound influence on the emotions of a consumer. It affects how a person behaves, can alter movement patterns of consumers and influence their shopping patterns. Therefore, its correct selection and use is critical in effective retail design.
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Part of the value that your business offers is derived from its name; your brand alone may be worth more than the assets of the business itself, however, stop and think just how important the impact of a name is. By Callie van der Merwe. Read the Bizcommunity article here.  
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