Tile Africa

Re-thinking how the category as a whole, and Tile Africa in particular, thought about setting display was crucial in unlocking a rewarding new customer experience.


The Tile Africa business approached DP with a need for growing its consumer share of the flooring and tile market. To date, the group had been very strong in a business-to-business role but failed to capture the attention of the retail consumer.

The “retail-isation” of the Tile Africa experience began with in-depth customer and market segment profiling. Truly understanding and caring about the customer journey led to a few simple but dramatic shifts in the retail experience. Flooring and tiling products are among the hardest to sell. The product can’t speak for or sell itself. Re-thinking how the category as a whole and Tile Africa thought about setting display was crucial in unlocking a rewarding new customer experience.

The point-of-sale and ticketing design, merchandise strategy, lighting and navigation were are all redesigned to create a retail-focused experience. Moving the settings to the middle of the floor with bulked-out and complimentary product around was a small but significant shift. The architecture was also considered and developed to call-out the offering as a flagship destination. Located along a major route, the customer journey really began in driving past. Maximising this opportunity was key to announcing the brand’s renewed customer and retail focus.

“Customers love the new look, products, pricing, categorical lay-out and the overall consistency of execution through-out the store as it all adds to the new customer experience we offer.”

“Areas in store for example the Innovation hub allows the customer to settle down with a cup of coffee and get some ideas before planning how to renovate, it also allows the Design Advisors to connect with the customer on a more personal level, giving our customers peace of mind before making a purchase. Customers love the new look, products, pricing, design category lay-out and the overall feel of the store”  –  Maritz Sinden – Store Manager


“Our intention with the new store look was to move Tile Africa not in line with, but well ahead of the competition. To achieve that, we needed to be able to have a vision which represented not just something better, but something great -something beyond what we could have envisaged by ourselves. Design Partnership helped us to build that vision in our minds, and then in reality. The results speak for themselves.” – Kate van Niekerk – Norcros Marketing Executive


Results – Tile Africa Garsfontein

Year on Year retail sales growth Nov ’14 – Jan ’15 – 168.9%
Year on Year growth in Bathroom ware and taps – 413.5%
Increase in footfall – 82%